Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Hiking and Trails Near Longmont

How far do you have to drive from Longmont to get to trails? Not far at all. I wanted to put together a sampling of the nearby trails that you can find without driving more than 25 miles. (Willing to drive further? You will find everything you could possibly want!) Please keep in mind, that this is just a sampling and there is plenty more to be found.


These trails are in Longmont and as such are easy and flat. Great for dog walking, hiking, biking, and stunning views.

LoBo Trail

easy, 12 mile planned trail from Longmont to Boulder (Oh, hey... we wrote about it here.)

 McIntosh Lake

easy, 3.6 mile loop around the lake (Yep, we wrote about this one too.)

Pella Crossing

easy, Braly Trails (2.5 mi) and Marlatt Trail (1.1 mi) circle around the lakes near Hygiene

Lagerman Reservoir

easy, Lagerman Loop is a 1.6 mile trail around the reservoir


Less than 15 miles gets you into Lyons and all the trailheads you can find there. Everything from easy strolls to much more vigorous climbs.

Rabbit Mountain

Lyons (12 mi from Longmont)
easy and moderate trails. Great for bikers, hikers, and equestrians.

 Rabbit Mountain

Hall Ranch

Lyons (13 mi from Longmont)
moderate and difficult trails. Over 3,000 acres of open space provides excellent viewing opportunities for wildflowers, animals, and scenic landscapes. (No dogs allowed.)

Heil Valley Ranch

Lyons (14 mi from Longmont)
easy and moderate trails. Over 5,000 acres of beautiful hanging valleys, picturesque vistas, and forest meadows with trails open to hikers, bikers, and equestrians.


 Now you are really getting somewhere: the City of Boulder's great park system and more trailheads on the outskirts of Lyons.

Mount Sanitas

Boulder (16 mi from Longmont)
Easy, moderate, difficult trails. This is an extremely popular trailhead open to hikers and equestrians (no bikes).

Chautauqua Park

Boulder (17 mi from Longmont)
Easy, moderate, difficult trails. Another extremely popular Boulder trailhead which is a must-visit for out-of-town guests.

Button Rock Preserve

Lyons (18 mi from Longmont)
Easy, moderate trails. Beautiful views, lots of birdwatching and wildlife, and the Button Rock Dam is a hit with kids. (Read more about Button Rock here.)

Button Rock Preserve

Devil's Backbone Open Space 

Loveland (20 mi from Longmont)
Easy, moderate trails. Twelve miles of trails but only about 1.5 miles to the keyhole. Close to civilization, but the Devil's Backbone rock formation is stunning and the hike is pretty easy, making this a good trail for kids and out-of-town guests.

Devil's Backbone Open Space


World class hikes, rock climbing, and everything you could ask for -- just a short drive away.

Betasso Preserve

Boulder (22 mi from Longmont)
Easy, moderate, difficult trails. Diverse terrain means there's something for everyone.

Walker Ranch

Boulder (24 mi from Longmont)
Easy, moderate, difficult trails. An array of ecosystems and gorgeous vistas.

Eldorado Canyon State Park

Golden (25 mi from Longmont)
Easy, moderate, difficult trails. A state park with technical rock climbing, streamside picnic areas and trails with panoramic vistas.

Monday, July 1, 2013

Stephen Day Park

Where: 1340 Deerwood Dr  Longmont, CO 80504

Way over on the east side of town, but worth the trip if you've got kids. Stephen Day Park is a lovely patch of green with whimsical, winding pathways, rolling hills and a fun, spraying water feature, great for those particularly hot summer days. If your kid is a bit of a daredevil, he or she will definitely make a beeline to the BMX/mountain bike area, where there are bumps, dips and dives that will provide hours of dusty (possibly muddy) fun. There's also a smallish concrete skatepark. Wear those helmets, kids!