Sunday, January 5, 2014

Sledding in Longmont

A few days of snowfall has left Longmont looking quite picturesque. If you are wondering where to take the kids, there are three spots around town that are the go-to sledding locations.

In Old Town, there are a few rolling hills in Sunset Golf Course (where all these photos were taken). Head to the area right behind the pool. 1900 Longs Peaks Avenue.

Our friends rave about the sledding hill in the new Dry Creek Community Park, near the corner of Clover Basin Drive and Grandview Meadows Drive.

In the southern part of the town, check out the big hill at Sunset Middle School, 1300 S Sunset St.

In the eastern part of town, go to Skyline High School, 600 E. Mountain View Ave.

Any other suggestions? Please share!


  1. Thanks for the post! With all the snow, 2 sleds and a 15 year old sister and being new to Longmont I was wondering where to go. I also found the Twin Peaks golf course a great spot. They have very small hills, but it's great for the little ones, and worked for my sister!

    1. Thanks for commenting! We will have to check out Twin Peaks golf course too!