Monday, May 28, 2012

Vance Brand Airport / Flight Deck Grill

Where: 229 Airport Road
More info:

Most weekends, the air in Longmont is filled with the distant (or sometimes not so distant) buzz of private airplanes emanating from the Vance Brand Municipal Airport. While piloting is not a hobby we see ourselves taking up anytime in this lifetime, we strongly suggest heading out to the airport on the weekend. The views are spectacular, naturally, with the twin peaks of Longs Peak and Mt. Meeker looming in the distance, almost completely unobstructed.

The airport is also home to one of our favorite Longmont hidden gems, the Flight Deck Grill (find their Facebook page here). Open Wednesday through Sunday in the spring and summer, this homespun operation offers excellent (and cheap) breakfast and lunch items, including pancakes, breakfast sandwiches and hot dogs. They've got a very nice patio right next to the runway, where you can watch planes taking off and landing -- and get an occasionally dizzying glimpse of scores of skydivers plummeting towards the earth. Bike out in the morning (they open bright and early at 7:30am) and enjoy a cup of coffee and some delicious crumb cake while gazing into the wild blue yonder.

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